Our Services

Publicity and Promotion

  • Public Relations campaigns bring to life the strategy that connects your story, told your way, with your most likely audiences.
  • Media Relations are our bridge of contacts and knowledge, to align your story's news value with a journalist's news needs.
  • Premieres & Events Planning and Management. Events affect people firsthand, and events can make news. Events are visual, tangible, iconic . . .and personal. From big idea to final detail, we help stage events that help you create buzz and stir people.
  • On-Site Publicity is a seize-the-moment function. We look for target-rich times and places to take you and your message to people who need to know.
  • Film Unit Publicity also is seize-the-moment work—and knowing the moments to seize. We're on set during that one and only opportunity to help frame your entire story, find what makes it news and establish the all-important themes and strategies that will steer your entire project. And when appropriate, we bring journalists on set to interact appropriate with cast and crew where they can capture the spirit behind the project first-hand.
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Radio Tours
  • Set Visits
  • Press Junkets

Grassroots Marketing

  • Market Research—national, regional, local—is art and science, getting beneath the surface to ensure your message rests on firm ground
  • Target Audience Development Campaigns identify who needs to hear your message and how best to reach them
  • Advance Influencer Screenings bring important "connectors" to a film, chart their opinions and send them out as movie ambassadors generating buzz and sales


  • New Project Development providing our insight and relationships to help your concept become a reality.
  • Branding Strategies flow from true partnership where together we identify key benefits, craft compelling messages and develop plans to effectively imprint a winning brand in the marketplace
  • Writing Services take your thoughts and translate them into compelling, approachable copy tailored to your market
  • Spokesperson Training makes the most of "sound bite" opportunities where clients learn the important "how to's" and "don't do's" of dealing with print, broadcast and web media