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Suggested Interview Questions

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Suggested Interview Questions

1.     Why now? These questions—and the opposing camps—have been around a long time. And how do you build a case for an argument essentially unprovable?

 2.     Why should anyone take seriously a six-day creation, the global flood and the Tower of Babel?

 3.     Where does a person begin to find reliable evidence to support the historical viability of Genesis?

 4.     Science is fact. The Bible is belief. Right?

 5.     How do you keep a discussion about the Bible as history vs. other views of history from becoming an “us vs. them” argument?

 6.     How does a person’s own paradigm affect the interpretation of historical or scientific data? And close to that: Is objectivity even possible?

 7.     What questions are people asking today about the origin of the universe, earth and humanity?  And why is it so important to know?

 8.     Are you telling me there are respected scientists, theologians and philosophers, around the world, convinced that Genesis is accurate history? If so, how do we know their paradigm is unbiased and most likely true?

 9.     What do geology and archeology tell us about the contrasting views of the history of earth’s and humanity’s origins?

10.  How did a conversation with a 10-year-old lead to the making of IS GENESIS HISTORY?

For interviews, contact:  Michael Conrad 214-616-0320

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