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Message Points


  1. We build a case. Here is the positive case for six-day creation and a global flood, as recorded in Genesis.
  2. We identify two approaches to history.  Major difference between us and those who disagree with us is not our approach to science but our approach to history. We argue that there is a conflict between two competing views of history. The question to ask is, which view is correct?
  3. Everyone sees through a filter. We hope people see that scientists rely on paradigms to influence how they interpret data.
  4. The questions we take on are honest and universal. This is not a bomb-throwing film. It’s an honest look at sincere questions that millions of people have.
  5. Good thinking requires all reasonable POVs. The marketplace of ideas can bear a hard look at strong evidence.

For interviews, contact:  Michael Conrad 214-616-0320

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