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Media Tip Sheet

 Facts and News Hooks

TITLE               JONAH

SYNOPSIS      Jonah is a prophet – and a man on the run. From who? From God! After a series of wild adventures involving a seaport called Joppa, a huge boat and a terrible storm, Jonah finds himself in the belly of a giant fish!

But that isn’t the end. It’s there God teaches Jonah how to receive grace and extend mercy, even to his archenemy: Nineveh. 

This Bible story springs to life on stage in jaw-dropping scale by an exceptional cast, spectacular special effects and live animals – on stage and in the aisles. Set sail on a journey straight into the heart of one of the biggest Bible stories ever told as it’s brought to life on the Lancaster stage for one encore season.

PRODUCERS   Sight & Sound Theatres® 

OPENING        March 11, 2017


SEASON          March 11-Oct. 14, 11 shows weekly

LOCATION      300 Hartman Bridge Road

Ronks PA 17572 



■      Jonah features a cast of more than 50 actors.

■      Auditions drew hundreds of actors from all across the country.

■      The show’s nearly three dozen live animals include sheep, highlander cattle, alpacas, camels, llamas, a sheep dog, miniature donkeys, birds, horses (of course) and . . . a skunk!

■      Music in Jonah is all original, the collaboration of several professionals—and recorded in Prague, The Czech Republic, by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. All vocals are sung live on stage by the actors.

■      Among the 70-plus set pieces is a boat weighing 30,000 pounds, one of the largest set pieces in Sight & Sound’s history.

■      Production teams worked two years to create the lighting effects, including underwater and storm experiences.

■      The more than 1,700 lights used in each performance include 100 automated lights with 100 color changes, requiring five miles of cable!

■      The show’s 550 costumes all are the work of Sight & Sounds’ staff of designers and seamstresses. The costumes required 5,500 yards of fabric, 4,000 snaps and 250 wigs.

NEWS HOOKS            

Taking a Plunge in Theatre

Sight & Sound’s production of Jonah takes audiences on the Old Testament prophet’s nautical journey on—and under—the sea. Lighting designers worked two years, daily using 1,700 lights and five miles of cable to deliver the underwater effect. Ask Sight & Sound designers to describe the challenges of bringing water and history to life onstage.

This Prophet Said, ‘No!’

In the Old Testament, God sends Jonah to the Assyrian capital of Nineveh to tell the people there to repent . . . and Jonah hightails it the other way. Ask Jonah’s creative team why a reluctant prophet is prime for an epic musical.

Remember Record Players and Slide Projectors?

Sight & Sound productions’ state-of-the-art 2,000-seat theatre employs cutting-edge technology and a massive infrastructure of people, buildings and animals (with a second, identical theatre in Branson). And it started with a married couple and a slide projector? For the back story to today’s astonishing high-tech effects, ask the Sight & Sound family about its theatres’ amazing journey.


Can Bible Stories Have Mass Appeal?

The answer’s yes. Big time. Get the staggering stats on audiences filling large auditoriums to see ancient stories spring to life.



Executive       Josh Enck


Producer         Dan Deal

Director           Wally Calderon

Writer              Jeff Bender


Composers     David T. Clydesdale

Jim Dellas

Don Harper

Steve Wilkinson

Orchestrations Jim Dellas

Tickets for Jonah are on sale now, starting at $54 for adults, $21 for children ages 3 to 12; Saturday tickets start at $74 for adults, $31 for children ages 3 to 12. 

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