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LeTourneau University is named for our founder, Mr. R.G. LeTourneau. While flying over the area in 1946 to select a manufacturing site, Mrs. LeTourneau saw the sprawling complex of a vacated Army hospital consisting of over two hundred frame buildings. When told that it was no longer in use, she asked about establishing a school to serve the many GIs returning from the war. The site was secured and LeTourneau Technical Institute was established.
Since then LeTourneau Technical Institute has become LeTourneau University, a SACS and ABET accredited, nondenominational Christian university, offering four-year and two-year undergraduate degree programs in engineering, technology, the liberal arts, business, aeronautical science, education and the sciences, plus master's degree programs in business, education, engineering and psychology. Today LeTourneau is led by its president, Dr. Dale A. Lunsford, and its board of trustees.


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  • Dr. Lunsford, President
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    LeTourneau University: A Career with the FAA

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