Four men, one calling: to serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, they face danger every day. Yet when tragedy strikes close to home, these fathers are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, and their faith. From this struggle will come a decision that changes all of their lives.

With action, drama, and humor, the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures embraces God’s promise to “turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers.” Souls will be stirred, and hearts will be challenged to be courageous.

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Talent Available For Interviews

  • Alex Kendrick, Director & Author
  • Jim McBride, Executive Producer & Author
  • Kevin Downes, Actor & Director
  • Michael Catt, Executive Producer & Author
  • Stephen Kendrick, Executive Producer & Author
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ImageCourageous Announce - Alex & Stephen Kendrick (credit Travis Hatfield)Download -5.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Alex Kendrick announcing next film (credit Hayley Catt)Download -9.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Alex Kendrick announcing project (credit Travis Hatfield)Download -1.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Dedication Prayer by Pastor Daniel Simmons (credit Travis Hatfield) Download Courageous_Dedication_Prayer_Daniel_Simmons_by_Travis_Hatfield.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Fab4 announcing next film (credit Hayley Catt) Download -14.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Fab4 following announce (credit Todd Stone) Download -4.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Luncheon (credit Nancy Lovell)Download -37.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Pastor Daniel Simmons preaching (credit Travis Hatfield) Download -2.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Q&A following announce (credit Todd Stone) Download -6.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Sherwood Choir (Travis Hatfield)Download -4.jpg
ImageCourageous Announce - Sherwood memeber at luncheon Download -40.jpg
ImageCourageous Logo - Las Vegas (PR Newswire) Download PRN_LV_Snapshot__November_17_2009_at_17`01`01.jpg
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ImageCourageous Preliminary Logo Download Courageous_brown_2.jpg
ImageON SET - Alex Kendrick (Director) & Stephen Kendrick (Producer) - credit Todd StoneDownload CG_Alex_Kendrick_(Director)_&_Stephen_Kendrick_(Producer)_Todd_Stone.jpg
ImageON SET - Alex Kendrick Reviewing Footage - credit Hayley CattDownload CG_Alex_Kendrick_Reviewing_Footage_Hayley_Catt.jpg
ImageON SET - Bob Scott (Director of Photography) With RED Camera - credit Todd StoneDownload CG_Bob_Scott_(Director_of_Photography)_With_RED_Camera_Todd_Stone.jpg
ImageON SET - Date Night of a Lifetime - credit Todd StoneDownload CG_Date_Night_of_a_Lifetime_Todd_Stone.jpg
ImageON SET - Extra Fun - credit Todd StoneDownload CG_Extra_Fun_Todd_Stone.jpg
ImageON SET - Fathers of Courageous - credit Hayley CattDownload CG_Fathers_of_Courageous_Hayley_Catt.jpg
ImageON SET - Gun Range - credit Hayley CattDownload CG_Gun_Range_Hayley_Catt.jpg
ImageON SET - Pastor Michael Catt Leads Devotional - credit Todd StoneDownload CG_Pastor_Michael_Catt_Leads_Devotional_Todd_Stone.jpg
ImageON SET - Praying for Cast and Crew - credit Todd StoneDownload CG_Praying_for_Cast_and_Crew_Todd_Stone.jpg
ImageON SET - Rehearsing for Javier's New Suit - credit Todd StoneDownload CG_Rehearsing_for_Javier

Press Materials

DocumentCG - Alex Kendrick bio Download Alex_Kendrick_bio.doc
DocumentCG - Jim McBride bio Download Jim_McBride_bio.doc
DocumentCG - Michael Catt bio Download MichaelCatt_Bio.doc
DocumentCG - Sports Park Download CG_Sports_Park.doc
DocumentCG - Stephen Kendrick bio Download Stephen_Kendrick_bio.doc
DocumentCourageous DVD Bonus FeaturesDownload Courageous_DVD-Bonus_Features-112111.doc
DocumentCourageous DVD Changed LivesDownload Courageous_DVD-Changed-Lives-112111.doc
DocumentCourageous DVD Curtain RaiserDownload Courageous_DVD-Curtain_Raiser-112111c.doc
DocumentCourageous DVD Fact SheetDownload Courageous_DVD-Fact_Sheet-112111.doc
DocumentCourageous Expansion ReleaseDownload Courageous-Expansion_Release-Final.doc
DocumentCourageous Production NotesDownload Courageous-Production_Notes_FINAL.doc
DocumentCrosswalk - June 3, 2010Download Crosswalk_June_3,_2010.pdf