The traditional family with a working father and a stay-at-home mom is gone. Now, young women enter college passionate about succeeding in a lifetime career, often adding a graduate degree. They envision a future that includes marriage and a family. Many remain single longer than past generations, and want to be financially equipped to take care of themselves no matter what relationships bring.  And many are deeply committed to their faith.

But women don’t easily find the practical mentoring and support that men naturally extend to each other.  Young women need Godly role models who have walked in their shoes with integrity and success – as they enter the post-college world dreaming of prosperous careers and forging healthy relationships with lasting potential.

Diane Paddison, and the remarkable women who have joined her to form the 4word board, walked this walk and experienced challenges like those you face now. We pray you will find rich insight as you explore the resources gathered here.


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