About Us

You do what you do.  We make sure your audiences know.

You shot a movie or you’re about to make one.  You wrote a book. You have an event. A message. A product.

Maybe all of the above.

Now you need to sell.  A ticket, a book, an idea.  You want the right audiences.  Hmm, are you sitting down? As it happens, no one’s waiting to hear from you.  Journalists are busy and your potential consumers have infinite options.

Media, meanwhile, is a supernova:  in a million pieces as the universe continues to expand. 

You want to go where the people are. Where they watch, read, think, engage . . . where they post, tweet, like, and stay in touch.

We can help you get there--where messages meet eyeballs, where goals meet bottom lines.

Joseph Fiennes in "RISEN"Stephen Baldwin thanking a veteran.
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Alex Kendrick at the "War Room" premiere in CharlotteThe Sean Hannity Radio Show
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